Increase the Quality of Your Entertainment with the HighPeak MiniProjector™️

Increase the Quality of Your Entertainment with the HighPeak MiniProjector™️

Are you prepared to revamp your gaming sessions, movie evenings, and presentations? You only need to consider the HighPeak MiniProjectorTM™️! With this movable powerhouse, you can enjoy a huge screen anywhere—at home or at work.

SAIFAITRADERS - HighPeak MiniProjector™️

Important features:

Upfront quality: The HighPeak MiniProjectorTM™️ produces crisp, colorful images with an exceptional 1920x1080p quality at its highest setting. Cinematic clarity is here to stay, so bid adieu to pixelated pictures.

Adaptable Networking: Link to nearly any gadget! The HighPeak MiniProjectorTM️ can project images onto a variety of devices, including iPads, laptops, PCs, Fire/Roku sticks, and game consoles (PS/Xbox/Nintendo Switch).

MiniProjectorTM™️: Why Choose It?

Assurance of Quality: The BEST projector available, not simply the greatest phone projector.
Simple Setup: No need for laborious installations—just plug and play.
Integrated Speaker: Listen to music without the need for further devices.
Elegant Style: The MiniProjectorTM️ enhances any area.
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SAIFAITRADERS - HighPeak MiniProjector™️
Check out more information on our MiniProjectorTM️ product page to bring back the glory of movie evenings!

The MiniProjectorTM️ is the ideal entertainment device for anyone who enjoys movies, plays video games, or works in the entertainment industry.


How long is the battery life?

A powerful battery powers the High Peak Miniprojectors™️, ensuring continuous enjoyment. The battery's specifications are as follows:

Battery Life: An amazing 6 hours of continuous use on a single charge are possible with the HighPeak Miniprojectors™️.

This projector will work for you whether you're giving a business presentation, throwing a garden movie night, or binge-watching your favorite series.

Before you embark on your next journey, don't forget to completely charge it, and watch the cinematic magic happen! 🎬🏋

How do I connect it to my phone?

It's simple to connect your HighPeak MiniProjector to your phone! Two choices are available to you:

  1. USB Connection: A USB cable can be used to connect your phone and tiny projector if they both have USB ports.
  • Put one end of the USB cord into your phone's USB port and the other end into the small projector's USB connector.
  • Verify that both gadgets are turned on.
  • Choose the USB input option on the tiny projector.


  1. HDMI Connection: Obtain an HDMI adapter that is appropriate for the sort of phone you have (for example, an iPhone lightning to HDMI adapter or an Android sort C/Micro USB to HDMI converter).
  • Using the appropriate connectors, connect your phone to the HighPeak projector.
  • Trust the projector when it prompts you on your phone.
  • Select the approach that maximizes the screen real estate on your phone, and you'll soon be consuming your preferred media on a larger screen!


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